Learn the essential measures needed to fight climate change, and what holds back effective action.


What’s it about?

The Citizen’s Guide To Climate Success debunks widespread myths that hold back effective climate action. The author, Mark Jaccard, then offers a proven, simple, and definitive path forward to transition the world off fossil fuels and build the sustainable future we all want.

Who’s it for?

  • People who want to understand what’s been holding back effective climate action
  • People who want to know which climate policies are most effective
  • People who really want to do something about climate change, but aren’t sure what to do
  • Hardcore Climate Policy and Strategy Nerds

What you’ll learn

  • What the most effective climate policies are
  • What you can personally do about climate change with this information
  • How to elect climate-sincere politicians
  • Why international agreements on climate change are ineffective
  • Why carbon pricing shouldn’t be used as the lead climate policy
  • Why neither behavior change nor ending capitalism is needed to fight climate change
  • Why carbon offsets aren’t effective

What’s included?

  • Summary of The Myths That Hinder Progress on Effective Climate Action
  • Detailed Explanation of The Clear Path Forward On Climate Policy And Taking Effective Action
  • An Afterword
  • List of Specific Essential Climate Policies mentioned in the book
  • Ideas for Citizen Activism: measures you can take with this information to contribute to climate success
  • Additional Resources

About the Author:
Mark Jaccard is a professor of sustainable energy at Simon Fraser University. He has a PhD in economics from the University of Grenoble. Over several decades, he has helped many governments with climate-energy policy, including helping design British Columbia’s famous carbon tax and serving on the IPCC.

Praise for The Citizen’s Guide To Climate Success:

“There could not be a more timely guide to taking effective climate action.” -Tim Flannery, author of The Weather Makers

“This is a must-read and must-teach book.” -Naomi Oreskes, Professor, Harvard University, and author of Why Trust Science?

“This is the book to read if you want a realistic, attainable, and sustainable climate change agenda.” -Michael Ignatieff, President, Central European University

If you’ve ever wondered what it will take to fix climate change, this book offers the facts, the analysis, and, ultimately, the clarity we need to understand fully the challenges that confront us and the solutions that will lead us to a better future.” -Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist and Professor, Texas Tech University

“Essential reading for the concerned citizen.” -Elizabeth May, Canadian Member of Parliament and Leader of the Green Party of Canada